VR, AR, MR, or XR?


What really makes a brand experience awesome? It isn’t jumping on the latest trends or using the newest tech. It is when it is authentic, personal, shareable, and memorable.

That is it.

What we all want from an ideal brand interaction is something great. A conversational interaction with multiple touch points that gives me a deeper and extended relationship with the brand, ultimately leading me to talk about it.

When its authentic, consumers become brand evangelists. Sure, your brand event experience or activation can deliver a “wow-factor,” but it must also demonstrate meaning and connect on with me on emotional level.

When it is personal, I am more engaged. If it is intimate, immediate, and immersive, I’ll be blown away - ready to participate.

It is nice to go to an event that is Instagram worthy so you can capture a great photos and rave about an experience with your friends. But don’t just create a selfie station. Make me want to share my moment and express both the brand and my sensibility.

Regardless of how authentic, personal and shareable an interactive brand experience is, memorability is the core component. Give me something I’ll remember.

Give me an experience.

An experience that is disruptive yet authentic, personal, shareable, and memorable will change my perception and last with me for awhile.