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From the ideation process, to getting things done, lets navigate the digital age.


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Getting it done right, requires strategy, and smart project management for on time, under budget, and within scope delivery.



Generate ideas and solutions through white boarding, sketching, prototyping, and brainstorming.

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User-centered design starts with the journeys our users are taking and the flows they follow to funnel them into completing actions.

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Integrate technology into brand stories in a way that drives authenticity and human connection with an immersive experience.

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Whether it's used for chat, automation, or machine learning, artificial intelligence is here to change the way we get bogged down with operations.

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Distributed ledgers and decentralized applications will have profound implications for supply chains.


Adjust your website to deliver maximum results based on user behaviors, your goals and best practices for mobile.

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Drive traffic to your website or physical location from people who are searching for your service nearby.


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Drive awareness, leads, sales, video views, and much more with hyper targeting at scale on any budget.

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Set up segmented emails that get opened and clicked with content tailored to the right audience. 


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Identify the best usage for each channel, develop original content and sustain engagement with audiences.


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Get creative and come up with unique ways to get your content seen, especially your YouTube and Facebook videos.

I enjoy empowering marketers with actionable knowledge and useful takeaways on digital marketing. I would be happy to speak privately to educate your internal teams and staff, or publicly at a conference in front of a large crowd. My favorite topics include: Orchestrating impact through integrated tactics, storytelling on digital channels, social media ROI, integrating technology and new media into a traditional organization, creating awesome digital advertising results for pennies, and the role of technology in arts experiences.

Here are some of my past public speaking engagements:


Nonprofit Technology Conference 2018

Identify, Activate, and Build Your Community Through Peer-To-Peer

April 12, 2018, New Orleans


DMA Nonprofit Federation Conference 2018

Extend Your Reach: Turn Passionate Social Media Fans Into Fundraising Partners

February 22, 2018, D.C.


Florida Marketing Summit 2016

Impactful Practices for Non Profits and Public Institutions

December 6, 2016, Miami


Digital Marketing Innovation Summit 2015

Using Storytelling and Social Media to Create Awareness and Actions

September 15, 2015, Los Angeles


Social Media Week 2014

Trends, Data & the Death of CPM

Feb 20 2014, NYC


SXSW Interactive 2013

Digital for artists, filmmakers and industry leaders

March 9, 2013, Austin